On-Device AI Healthcare Company Noul Becomes First Korean Diagnostic Company to Join Swiss Malaria Group

12 Feb 2024
Clinical Study
Join global network led by international organizations and global pharmaceutical companies
Obtain a membership in recognition of innovation in malaria diagnostic solution
Strengthen global leadership in malaria diagnosis based on European subsidiary
YONGIN, South Korea, Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Noul Co., Ltd., (376930.KR), an On-Device AI healthcare company, announced that its European subsidiary (noul GmbH) has become an official member of the Swiss Malaria Group, a Swiss public, private, academic & civil society leadership network for a malaria-free world.
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On-Device AI Healthcare Company Noul Becomes First Korean Diagnostic Company to Join Swiss Malaria Group
Source: PRNewswire
Noul and SMG Logo
The recognition of innovation in the malaria diagnostic solution, miLab™ MAL played a major role in Noul becoming an official member of the Swiss Malaria Group. Through this membership, Noul will have a voice in the decision-making process towards developing healthcare policies to eradicate global malaria and will strengthen its global cooperation with other group members (Global Fund, FIND, MMV, Swiss TPH, Terre des Hommes, global pharmaceutical companies, and other civil society organizations) to consolidate its leadership in the field of malaria diagnosis.
As Noul's malaria diagnostic solution, miLab™ MAL was introduced as 'an innovative product that will enter scale-up level' in Unitaid's 2022 Annual Report, it is getting attention from the international community as an innovative malaria diagnostic solution that overcomes the limitation of rapid diagnostic testing and manual microscopic diagnosis. According to the results of a clinical study of a total of 1,649 patients in Ethiopia and Ghana, unveiled in October 2023 at the American Academy of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH), miLab™ MAL showed significantly higher sensitivity and specificity in diagnosis of P. falciparum and P. vivax malaria compared to field microscopy test. It also showed high applicability in diagnosing parasites with the pfhrp2/3 deletions.
Dr. Taehwan Kim, Managing Director of noul GmbH said, "noul GmbH will play a pivotal role in global malaria diagnosis through its activities as a member of the Swiss Malaria Group. By utilizing Noul's innovative malaria diagnostic solution, we are going to further expand our presence in the market by leading strategies to eliminate global malaria and strengthening global cooperation with other group members."
Swiss Malaria Group said, "Noul's innovative diagnostic tools align perfectly with the Swiss Malaria Group's emphasis on innovative solutions in the fight against malaria. Noul, which focuses on diagnostic solutions in blood and tissue diagnostics, has developed a cutting-edge digital microscopy-based malaria diagnostic tool, miLab™ MAL."
Noul Website: https://noul.kr/en/
Swiss Malaria Group Website: https://www.swissmalariagroup.ch/en/
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