Dialysis Patient Citizens Applauds Passage of Legislation Securing Affordable Treatment for All Dialysis Patients in Indiana

14 Mar 2024
WASHINGTON, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC), the leading advocacy organization for dialysis patients nationwide, today released the following statement applauding the passage and enactment of SB 215 in Indiana. The law offers three affordable Medicare supplemental plans (also known as Medigap) to Medicare enrollees under the age of 65 – including to patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).
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"We are grateful to see Indiana do right by dialysis patients and provide the patient choice and healthcare coverage that all Hossiers deserve," said
DPC Board President Andrew Conkling. "For decades, under-age 65 ESRD patients have paid much higher premiums than over-age 65 persons, and this lack of equal treatment based on age has resulted in unaffordable Medigap premiums for under-age 65 Indiana residents. With this legislation, about 2,000 Hoosiers with End Stage Renal Disease who are covered by Medicare, but not by the state Medicaid program, will have access to affordable Medigap coverage that fits their needs regardless of age. We are thankful for the tireless efforts of Senator Kyle Walker and Representative David Abbott in passing this legislation, and we are grateful that Governor Eric J. Holcomb has signed it into law."
Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) applauds the passage and enactment of SB 215 in Indiana.
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Senator Kyle Walker (R-IN-31) championed SB 215 in the Indiana Senate. Representative David Abbott (R-IN-18), a kidney transplant recipient himself, championed a companion bill in the Indiana House of Representatives. Governor Eric J. Holcomb (R-IN) signed into state law on March 11, 2024.
This legislation finally provides access to affordable Medigap coverage for the approximately 2,000 "non-dual" Hoosiers with ESRD who are covered by Medicare, but not the state Medicaid program. This legislation offers affordable Medigap coverage to Medicare beneficiaries of all ages, granting all dialysis patients in Indiana access to affordable care. In addition, the law ensures wider access to kidney transplants, as two of the now available Medigap plans cover the $1,600 annual inpatient hospital deductible necessary for a kidney transplant. Indiana joins 16 other states that have already adopted Medigap access and affordability laws.
Under Federal law, Medicare beneficiaries age 65 and older are guaranteed access to Medicare supplemental insurance, also known as "Medigap," but beneficiaries under age 65, including many with End-Stage Renal Disease, do not share this protection. Indiana previously did not ensure that Medicare beneficiaries under the age of 65 have access to Medigap plans to cover their substantial out-of-pocket costs. This left approximately 2,000 ESRD patients in the state without an affordable way to cover the remaining 20% that Medicare doesn't cover.
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