South Korean companies take on the European medical AI market and more partnership briefs

South Korean companies take on the European medical AI market and more partnership briefs
Source: mobihealthnews
Photo courtesy of Coreline Soft
South Korean medical AI company Lunit has recently secured deals with hospitals in Europe, where the medical device market – the second largest after the North American market – is worth $155 billion.
It won the contract to supply a lung disease screening solution to TeleDiag, the largest teleradiology group in France.
Lunit was also chosen to provide a mammography analysis solution to the central region branch of the Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (Portuguese League Against Cancer), which oversees Portugal's national breast cancer screening programme. The organisation aims to use Lunit's AI to analyse about 100,000 mammograms annually for the next three years.
Another Korean company, Coreline Soft, bagged contracts in Europe to supply its AI screening software.
Following a competitive bidding process, it will provide the University Hospital Lausanne in Switzerland with its flagship product, AVIEW LCS Plus, which uses AI to identify lung nodules, pulmonary emphysema, and coronary artery calcification in chest X-rays.
The same software is also being implemented in the respective lung disease research of two French hospitals, the Bichat–Claude Bernard Hospital under Europe's largest hospital system, Assistance Publique–Hôpitaux de Paris, and the private, not-for-profit Foch Hospital in Suresnes, a commune in western Paris.
Hospital del Mar, a general hospital in Barcelona, Spain, is also adopting Coreline's AI screening tool for its clinical research on lung cancer. The hospital is part of the European lung cancer screening project, 4-In-The-Lung-Run, of which Coreline is also a technology partner.
Omnichannel pharmacy chain Zeno Health has acquired e-pharmacy startup Tablt Pharmacy for an undisclosed amount, the Times of India reported.
The acquisition expands ZenoZeno's network to the rural communities of Eastern India. Tablt is currently serving 200,000 customers in nearly 300 franchises across Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand.
In the next five years, Zeno looks to grow its franchises to 1,000, co-founder and CEO Siddharth Gadia said.
Kakao Healthcare is collaborating with online startup Brave Company to develop exercise content for blood sugar management.
Their respective health and exercise experts will work together to create content, which will be released on Brave's various healthcare platforms and Kakao's latest mobile app, Pasta. Brave also seeks to tap online content creators to promote their upcoming exercise content.
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