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2023-11-1633 Pages

Global Drug R&D Express (Oct 2023)

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The data in this report has been sourced from Patsnap Synapse, a novel AI-powered database that offers a search and association platform with intuitive interfaces, curated content, and integrated access to massive information sources that connect company data, diseases, targets, and clinical studies to biological and chemical entities. Based on data from the Synapse database, we recently published Global Innovative Drug Report, which offers a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in the pharmaceutical industry and analysis of each selected drug, examining their snapshot, R&D status, active patents, mechanisms of action, clinical trials, competitive landscape, and other pertinent factors. The report consists of four parts: >>1.First Approved Drugs in October 2023; >>2. New Drug Analysis; >>3.Global Drugs under Expedited Review Pathway in October 2023; >>4. Analysis of Selected ERP Drugs.
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