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2023-06-0941 Pages

Global Drug R&D Express (May 2023)

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Based on the latest data from PatSnap Synapse, Zhihuiya has released the "Global Drug R&D Express (May 2023)". The report includes a total of 75 drugs consisting of: ◉ 18 drugs first approved globally: 5 Small molecule drug (SMD), 4 Monoclonal antibody(mAb), 2 Prophylactic vaccine, 2 Allergen extract, 1 Blood components, 1 Gene therapy, 1 Bispecific antibody, 1 Enzyme, 1 Fusion protein. ◉ 57 drugs under Expedited Review pathways worldwide: 32 Orphan Drug designation, 12 Fast Track designation, 5 Priority review, 4 Breakthrough Therapy designation, 2 Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy, 1 Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP), 1 Accelerated Approval. The report also highlights: ◼ 5 first approved drugs: Benegrastim, Fezolinetant, Zebituzumab, Perfluorohexyloctane, Beremagene geperpavec ◼ 5 Expedited Review Pathway drugs: Spesolimab, Mefatinib, Resiniferatoxin, Nirsevimab, Fruquintinib, providing a detailed interpretation of the drugs from multiple aspects such as basic information, R&D status, technical barriers, mechanisms of action, clinical trials, and competitive landscape.
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