Last update 21 Mar 2024


Leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamily B member 4

Basic Info

B4, CD85 antigen-like family member K, CD85k
+ [13]
Inhibitory receptor involved in the down-regulation of the immune response and the development of immune tolerance (PubMed:11875462). Receptor for FN1 (PubMed:34089617). Receptor for apolipoprotein APOE (PubMed:30333625). Receptor for ALCAM/CD166 (PubMed:29263213). Inhibits receptor-mediated phosphorylation of cellular proteins and mobilization of intracellular calcium ions (PubMed:9151699). Inhibits FCGR1A/CD64-mediated monocyte activation by inducing phosphatase-mediated down-regulation of the phosphorylation of multiple proteins including LCK, SYK, LAT and ERK, leading to a reduction in TNF production (PubMed:19833736). This inhibition of monocyte activation occurs at least in part via binding to FN1 (PubMed:34089617). Inhibits T cell proliferation, inducing anergy, suppressing the differentiation of IFNG-producing CD8+ cytoxic T cells and enhancing the generation of CD8+ T suppressor cells (PubMed:16493035, PubMed:19833736, PubMed:29263213). Induces up-regulation of CD86 on dendritic cells (PubMed:19860908). Interferes with TNFRSF5-signaling and NF-kappa-B up-regulation (PubMed:11875462).


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