Last update 21 Mar 2024


NIMA related kinase 7

Basic Info

NEK7, Never in mitosis A-related kinase 7, NIMA (never in mitosis gene a)-related kinase 7
+ [3]
Protein kinase which plays an important role in mitotic cell cycle progression (PubMed:17101132, PubMed:31409757, PubMed:19941817). Required for microtubule nucleation activity of the centrosome, robust mitotic spindle formation and cytokinesis (PubMed:17586473, PubMed:19414596, PubMed:31409757, PubMed:19941817, PubMed:26522158). Phosphorylates EML4 at 'Ser-146', promoting its dissociation from microtubules during mitosis which is required for efficient chromosome congression (PubMed:31409757). Phosphorylates RPS6KB1 (By similarity). Acts as an essential activator of the NLRP3 inflammasome assembly independently of its kinase activity (PubMed:26642356, PubMed:36442502). Acts by unlocking NLRP3 following NLRP3 tranlocation into the microtubule organizing center (MTOC), relieving NLRP3 autoinhibition and promoting formation of the NLRP3:PYCARD complex, and activation of CASP1 (PubMed:26642356, PubMed:31189953, PubMed:36442502). Serves as a cellular switch that enforces mutual exclusivity of the inflammasome response and cell division: interaction with NEK9 prevents interaction with NLRP3 and activation of the inflammasome during mitosis (PubMed:26642356, PubMed:31189953).


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Perform a panoramic analysis of this field.
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