Half year reported NPATA US$2 billion¹,² Up 13% at constant currency³

13 Feb 2024
Phase 3Drug ApprovalVaccineFinancial StatementClinical Result
Strong CSL Behring portfolio growth especially Ig
Revenue $8.05 billion, up 11% at CC3
NPAT $1.90 billion1, up 17%
NPAT $1.94 billion1 at CC3, up 20%
NPATA $2.02 billion1,2 , up 11%
NPATA $2.06 billion1,2 at CC3, up 13%
NPATA1,2 earnings per share $4.182, up 11%
NPATA1,2 earnings per share $4.26 at CC3 up 13%
Interim dividend 5 of US$1.19 per share
Converted to Australian currency, the interim dividend is approximately A$1.81 per share, up 12%
Guidance reaffirmed – FY24 NPATA2,4 anticipated to be in the range of approximately $2.9 billion to $3.0 billion2 at CC3
MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- CSL Limited (ASX:CSL; USOTC:CSLLY) today announces a reported net profit after tax of $1.90 billion1 for the 6 months ended 31 December 2023, up 20% on a constant currency basis3. Underlying profit (NPATA) was $2.02 billion1,2, up 13% on a constant currency basis to $2.06 billion1,2,3.
Dr. Paul McKenzie, CSL's Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director said, "Our strong first-half result for the 2024 financial year was driven by CSL Behring's exceptional performance across its portfolio, especially immunoglobulins.  The plasma initiatives we have implemented are starting to drive gross margin recovery.
"CSL SeqirusCSL Seqirus achieved solid growth in a challenging season.  Its portfolio of differentiated products outperformed the market.
"For CSL Vifor we are well prepared for the transitioning iron market."
CSL Behring
Total revenue was $5,238 million, up 14%3 when compared to the prior comparable period.
Immunoglobulin (Ig) product sales of $2,757 million, increased 23%3 with strong growth recorded across all geographies driven by global plasma supply and patient demand.
PRIVIGEN®  / INTRAGRAM® (Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human), 10% Liquid) sales grew 27%3 as the momentum from the prior year continued in improving product availability and patient diagnosis rates.
HIZENTRA® (Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human), 20% Liquid) sales were up 18%3 driven by  patient diagnosis rates.  HIZENTRA® continues to be the clear market leader for subcutaneous immunoglobulin.
Underlying demand for Ig continues to be strong due to significant patient needs in core indications – namely Primary Immune Deficiency, Secondary Immune Deficiency and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP).
Albumin sales of $613 million, were up 8%3.
Sales were strong in emerging markets with solid growth in the US and Europe.  Growth in China was modest, tempered by competitive pressure.
Haemophilia product sales of $662 million increased 8%3.
IDELVION®, CSL Behring's novel long-acting recombinant factor IX product achieved growth of 7%3  and continues to be the market leader in key markets.
HEMGENIX®, the first and only gene therapy for haemophilia B was successfully launched in the US in FY23 and patient referrals have been accelerating.
The haemophilia A market continued to be competitive resulting in a modest decline in sales for AFSTYLA®, a novel recombinant factor VIII product.
Plasma-derived haemophilia products, however, achieved growth of 8% driven by HUMATE® / HAEMATE®, therapies for the treatment of patients with von Willebrand disease.
Specialty products sales of $976 million, were up 6%3 led predominately by demand for KCENTRA® and HAEGARDA®.
KCENTRA® (4 factor prothrombin complex concentrate) recorded sales growth of 12%3, as it continues to further penetrate the warfarin reversal market in the US.
HAEGARDA®, our therapy for patients with Hereditary Angioedema, increased 9%, driven by the continued shift from on-demand to prophylaxis treatment and a strong performance in the UK and Europe.
Garadacimab (Anti-FXIIa) for HAE, was filed for regulatory approval in the US and EU.
Plasma Collections
Plasma collections remain strong.  The cost of collections, which includes donor compensation and labour, continued to trend down.
A new roll out plan for the RIKA plasmapheresis devices was developed.  Deployment across the US fleet is expected over the next 18 months.  In addition, results from an individualised nomogram trial conducted by our supplier have been submitted for regulatory approval.
CSL Seqirus
Total revenue of $1,804 million, was up 2%3 driven by the adjuvanted influenza vaccine FLUAD®, which increased by 14%3.
This growth was achieved against a backdrop of reduced rates of immunisation and highlights the strength of CSL Seqirus' differentiated product portfolio.
During the period:
Self-amplifying mRNA vaccine for COVID was approved by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
aQIVc, a next generation influenza vaccine combining adjuvant technology with cell-based manufacturing, enrolled its last patient in the Phase III clinical study in January 2024.
CSL Vifor
Total revenue was $1,011 million.  The prior comparable period included only 5 months revenue following the acquisition of Vifor Pharma in August 2022.
During the period:
Preparations were made for the transitioning iron market
There was strong performance from the long-acting erythropoiesis-stimulating agent, MIRCERA®
TAVNEOS® was successfully launched in multiple European countries
While the strategic potential of the business remains strong, we have dampened our near-term growth aspirations for CSL Vifor.
Expense Performance
Research and development (R&D) expenses were $669 million8 , up 11%3 when compared to the prior comparable period.  The increase in expenses reflects higher costs associated with the progression of the R&D portfolio and investment in R&D infrastructure.
Selling and marketing expenses (S&M) were $707 million8, up 2%3 in comparison to the prior comparable period.  An additional month of CSL Vifor and an increase in labour costs accounts for the increase in S&M expenses while other S&M expenses were held in line with the prior comparable period.
General and administrative (G&A) expenses were $323 million8, down 7%3  due to favourable foreign exchange differences and efficiencies generated from the centralisation of the group's Enabling Functions.
Depreciation and amortisation (D&A) expense (excluding acquired intellectual property) was $297 million, up 1%3.
Net finance costs were $234 million9, up 32%3.  The increase in net finance costs was due to the debt associated with the acquisition of Vifor Pharma and higher interest rates.
Financial position
Cashflow from operations was $1,069 million, up 9%. The increase was driven by higher profitability and overall growth in sales. This was partly offset by higher payments for income tax and interest.
Cash outflow from investing was $702 million, down significantly when compared to the prior comparable period as payment for the acquisition of Vifor Pharma was made in the prior period.
CSL's balance sheet remains in a strong position with net assets of $19,162 million.
Current assets increased by 10% to $10,146 million. The main driver was an increase in receivables due to the increase in sales and the seasonality of CSL Seqirus.
Non-current assets increased by 1% to $27,158 million in comparison to the previous year.
Current liabilities increased by 2% to $4,718 million. The increase in interest-bearing liabilities and borrowings (bank debt) was offset by the decrease in trade and other payables and current tax liabilities.
Non-current liabilities decreased by 3% to $13,424 million. The decrease was due to the reclassification of certain bank borrowings as current, coupled with repayment across the Group's debt portfolio including the private placement senior notes.
Outlook (at FY23 exchange rates)
Commenting on CSL's outlook, Dr. McKenzie said, "For FY24, I am pleased to reaffirm our previous guidance.  CSL's underlying profit, NPATA is expected be in the range of approximately $2.9 billion to $3.0 billion at constant currency3, representing growth over FY23 of approximately 13-17%[6]"
"CSL is in a strong position to deliver annualised double-digit earnings growth over the medium term.
"The strong growth in our immunoglobulins franchise is expected to continue as patient demand remains strong.
"We have a number of initiatives underway in plasma collections that are improving efficiencies and processing times, supporting continued expansion in CSL Behring's gross margin.
"Our transformational gene therapy product for haemophilia B patients, HEMGENIX®, is attracting significant interest from patients and health care professionals and patient referrals have accelerated.  We expect more patients dosed in the second half of this financial year.
"CSL Seqirus has performed well in a challenging season.  However, due to the seasonality of this business we anticipate it to post a loss in the second half of the fiscal year.
"For CSL Vifor, we are operating within an evolving iron market. While there are challenges for near-term growth, we are well positioned for iron competition in the EU and further geographic expansion.  Our focus remains on unlocking value by leveraging capabilities across the CSL group", Dr. McKenzie concluded.
In compiling the company's financial forecasts for FY24, a number of key variables that may have a significant impact on guidance have been identified and these have been included in the endnote[7].
Additional details about CSL's results are included in the company's 4D statement, investor presentation slides and webcast, all of which can be found on CSL's website www.csl.com  A glossary of medical terms can also be found on the website.
1 Attributable to CSL shareholders
2 Statutory net profit after tax (NPAT) before impairment and amortisation of acquired intellectual property, business acquisition and integration costs and the unwind of the inventory fair value uplift.
3 Constant currency (CC) removes the impact of exchange rate movements, facilitating the comparability of operational performance. For further detail refer to CSL's Financial Statements for the Half Year ended December 2023 (Directors Report).
4 All figures are expressed in US dollars unless otherwise stated.
5 For shareholders with an Australian registered address, the interim dividend of US$1.19 per share (approximately A$1.81) is expected to be paid on 3 April 2024. For shareholders with a New Zealand registered address the interim dividend of US$1.19 per share (approximately NZ$1.94) is expected to be paid on 3 April 2024. The exchange rates will be fixed at the record date of 12 March 2024. All other shareholders will be paid in US$. CSL also offers shareholders the opportunity to receive dividend payments in US$ by direct credit to a US bank account.
6 % growth rates excludes the one-off gain from the sale of property in FY23 (NPATA $44m).
7 Key variables that could cause actual results to differ materially include: the success and timing of research and development activities; decisions by regulatory authorities regarding approval of our products as well as their decisions regarding label claims; competitive developments affecting our products; the ability to successfully market new and existing products; difficulties or delays in manufacturing; ability to collect plasma; trade buying patterns and fluctuations in interest and currency exchange rates; legislation or regulations that affect product production, distribution, pricing, reimbursement, access or tax; acquisitions and divestitures; research collaborations; litigation or government investigations; and CSL's ability to protect its patents and other intellectual property.
8 Underlying results are adjusted to exclude amortisation of acquired intellectual property ($132 million), business acquisition and integrations costs and the unwind of the inventory fair value uplift.
9 At reported currency
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Director, Investor Relations
P: +61 3 9389 3470
E: [email protected]
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Director, Investor Relations
P: +61 402 231 696
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