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白细胞介素-2, Aldesleukin, IL-2
+ [6]
Cytokine produced by activated CD4-positive helper T-cells and to a lesser extend activated CD8-positive T-cells and natural killer (NK) cells that plays pivotal roles in the immune response and tolerance (PubMed:6438535). Binds to a receptor complex composed of either the high-affinity trimeric IL-2R (IL2RA/CD25, IL2RB/CD122 and IL2RG/CD132) or the low-affinity dimeric IL-2R (IL2RB and IL2RG) (PubMed:16293754, PubMed:16477002). Interaction with the receptor leads to oligomerization and conformation changes in the IL-2R subunits resulting in downstream signaling starting with phosphorylation of JAK1 and JAK3 (PubMed:7973659). In turn, JAK1 and JAK3 phosphorylate the receptor to form a docking site leading to the phosphorylation of several substrates including STAT5 (PubMed:8580378). This process leads to activation of several pathways including STAT, phosphoinositide-3-kinase/PI3K and mitogen-activated protein kinase/MAPK pathways (PubMed:25142963). Functions as a T-cell growth factor and can increase NK-cell cytolytic activity as well (PubMed:6608729). Promotes strong proliferation of activated B-cells and subsequently immunoglobulin production (PubMed:6438535). Plays a pivotal role in regulating the adaptive immune system by controlling the survival and proliferation of regulatory T-cells, which are required for the maintenance of immune tolerance. Moreover, participates in the differentiation and homeostasis of effector T-cell subsets, including Th1, Th2, Th17 as well as memory CD8-positive T-cells.


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