Last update 21 Mar 2024


Tyrosine-protein kinase 2

Basic Info

TYK2激酶, JTK1, Non-receptor tyrosine-protein kinase TYK2
+ [2]
Tyrosine kinase of the non-receptor type involved in numerous cytokines and interferons signaling, which regulates cell growth, development, cell migration, innate and adaptive immunity (PubMed:8232552, PubMed:7813427, PubMed:7657660, PubMed:10995743, PubMed:10542297). Plays both structural and catalytic roles in numerous interleukins and interferons (IFN-alpha/beta) signaling (PubMed:10542297). Associates with heterodimeric cytokine receptor complexes and activates STAT family members including STAT1, STAT3, STAT4 or STAT6 (PubMed:10542297, PubMed:7638186). The heterodimeric cytokine receptor complexes are composed of (1) a TYK2-associated receptor chain (IFNAR1, IL12RB1, IL10RB or IL13RA1), and (2) a second receptor chain associated either with JAK1 or JAK2 (PubMed:7813427, PubMed:10542297, PubMed:7526154, PubMed:25762719). In response to cytokine-binding to receptors, phosphorylates and activates receptors (IFNAR1, IL12RB1, IL10RB or IL13RA1), creating docking sites for STAT members (PubMed:7526154, PubMed:7657660). In turn, recruited STATs are phosphorylated by TYK2 (or JAK1/JAK2 on the second receptor chain), form homo- and heterodimers, translocate to the nucleus, and regulate cytokine/growth factor responsive genes (PubMed:7657660, PubMed:10542297, PubMed:25762719). Negatively regulates STAT3 activity by promototing phosphorylation at a specific tyrosine that differs from the site used for signaling (PubMed:29162862).


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