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视紫质, CSNBAD1, OPN2
+ [6]
Photoreceptor required for image-forming vision at low light intensity (PubMed:8107847, PubMed:7846071). Required for photoreceptor cell viability after birth (PubMed:2215617, PubMed:12566452). Light-induced isomerization of the chromophore 11-cis-retinal to all-trans-retinal triggers a conformational change that activates signaling via G-proteins (PubMed:8107847, PubMed:28524165, PubMed:26200343, PubMed:28753425). Subsequent receptor phosphorylation mediates displacement of the bound G-protein alpha subunit by the arrestin SAG and terminates signaling (PubMed:28524165, PubMed:26200343).


Perform a panoramic analysis of this field.
Perform a panoramic analysis of this field.
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