Last update 21 Mar 2024

DNase I

Deoxyribonuclease 1

Basic Info

脱氧核糖核酸酶Ⅰ, deoxyribonuclease 1, Deoxyribonuclease I
+ [6]
Serum endocuclease secreted into body fluids by a wide variety of exocrine and endocrine organs (PubMed:2251263, PubMed:11241278, PubMed:2277032). Expressed by non-hematopoietic tissues and preferentially cleaves protein-free DNA (By similarity). Among other functions, seems to be involved in cell death by apoptosis (PubMed:11241278). Binds specifically to G-actin and blocks actin polymerization (By similarity). Together with DNASE1L3, plays a key role in degrading neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) (By similarity). NETs are mainly composed of DNA fibers and are released by neutrophils to bind pathogens during inflammation (By similarity). Degradation of intravascular NETs by DNASE1 and DNASE1L3 is required to prevent formation of clots that obstruct blood vessels and cause organ damage following inflammation (By similarity).


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Perform a panoramic analysis of this field.
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