Last update 21 Mar 2024


Interleukin-1 alpha

Basic Info

白细胞介素-1α, Hematopoietin-1, IL-1 alpha
+ [9]
Cytokine constitutively present intracellularly in nearly all resting non-hematopoietic cells that plays an important role in inflammation and bridges the innate and adaptive immune systems (PubMed:26439902). After binding to its receptor IL1R1 together with its accessory protein IL1RAP, forms the high affinity interleukin-1 receptor complex (PubMed:2950091, PubMed:17507369). Signaling involves the recruitment of adapter molecules such as MYD88, IRAK1 or IRAK4 (PubMed:17507369). In turn, mediates the activation of NF-kappa-B and the three MAPK pathways p38, p42/p44 and JNK pathways (PubMed:14687581). Within the cell, acts as an alarmin and cell death results in its liberation in the extracellular space after disruption of the cell membrane to induce inflammation and alert the host to injury or damage (PubMed:15679580). In addition to its role as a danger signal, which occurs when the cytokine is passively released by cell necrosis, directly senses DNA damage and acts as signal for genotoxic stress without loss of cell integrity (PubMed:26439902).


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Perform a panoramic analysis of this field.
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